Margaritaville Hot Tubs

SunBake Hot Tub

Escape to paradise with your SunBake hot tub with lounge seating. Enjoy a cascading waterfall that will massage you into relaxation with your choice of 25 or 45 jets. The two-speed pump provides the option of low or high jet pressure with the touch of a button. Our highly efficient 1KW / 4KW stainless steel heater keeps the water warm with maximum efficiency. The ozone water care system keeps your hot tub water clear and reduces the amount of chemicals needed, allowing you to spend less time maintaining your hot tub and more time sun baking. Stay in your backyard all season, with nothing to show but this brand new hot tub!

Choose between 110v or 230v wiring with the SunBake hot tub. The 110v hot tub option is equipped with plug-n-play technology and can be plugged into any standard 110v outlet. No additional wiring required! The 230v option will require compatible electrical configuration in your home but may be the best option for hot tubbers using the hot tub for extended periods of time in colder climates.

Make your backyard feel like an oasis everyday.